Tomasz Powrózek, PhD

Department of Human Physiology, Medical University of Lublin, Poland

Dr Tomasz Powrózek is a research associate at Department of Human Physiology; Medical University of Lublin, Poland. During his doctoral training, he developed new potential markers for early lung cancer detection based on analysis of epigenetics markers using liquid biopsy. Nowadays, he is active in investigation of novel molecular markers in blood circulation of head and neck cancer patients (detection, prediction and prognosis). The main area of interest concerns understanding the molecular background of malnutrition and cachexia in cancer patients. For scientific achievements, he was awarded by International Association International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, European Society of Medical Oncology and Polish Society of Clinical Oncology. Dr. Powrózek is an author of over 100 scientific reports as well as he reviewed over 150 papers for medical journals, the member of editorial board of medical journals and international medical societies.