Stefania Bruno, PhD

Department of Medical Sciences, University of Torino, Italy

Stefania Bruno is currently Assistant Professor of Nephrology at the University of Torino, where she teaches and does research at the Molecular Biotechnology Center and at “Città della Salute e della Scienza”.

She received her degree in Biological Sciences in 1999 at the University of Torino. In 2004 she obtained the Ph.D. in Human Oncology, at the University of Torino Medical School, working in the Institute for Research and Treatment of the Cancer (IRCC) in Candiolo (TO). In this period, she was particularly involved in the study of ex-vivo expansion and lentiviral gene transfer of human primitive cord blood stem cells capable of hematopoietic long term engraftment. Since 2004, she worked in the Molecular and Biotechnology Center of the University of Torino. She identified cancer stem cells in renal cell carcinoma and investigated the role of normal stem/progenitor cells in cancer vasculogenesis. More recently, she investigated the possibility that extra-cellular vesicles from stem cells (EVs) could influence the behaviour of tumor cells. Moreover, she evaluated the role of EVs cells in different models of tissue regeneration.