Lou Zhong, MD

Thoracic Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, Jiangsu, China

Dr. Lou Zhong is associate chief physician of thoracic surgery of Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University. His major is minimally invasive treatment of lung cancer. In 2012 ,he was the first one to perform microwave ablation of lung cancer in Jiangsu province.

Dr. Lou Zhong finished medical study in Nantong University in 2003. He is working in thoracic surgery of Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University from2003. He obtained his medical doctorate in Soochow University 2017. Dr. Lou Zhong’s research focuses on the mechanism and treatment of lung cancer. He conducted and participated in a number of NSFC studies.

He is member of tumor minimally invasive treatment branch of Chinese Anti-cancer Association. And he is youth member of the Chinese medical association of Jiangsu province branch of thoracic surgery