Jianwei Zhu, MD

Department of Orthopedics, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, Jiangsu, China

Dr. Jianwei Zhu is deputy director of Department of Orthopedics, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, deputy director of the Department of General Teaching and Research, deputy director of the Youth Committee of Jiangsu Medical Association Department of Orthopedics, the standing committee of Jiangsu provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association Specialized Committee skeletal muscle rehabilitation Specialized Committee, the talent of Jiangsu province “333” project , Nantong medical key talent. He has participated in many studies about clinical and basic Orthopedics and achieved Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and Jiangsu Postdoctoral Science Foundation.

Dr. Jianwei Zhu finished medical study in Nantong University in 1997. He received his Master's degree in medicine from Nantong University in 2003. He obtained his medical doctorate in Soochow University in 2006. He worked in the Department of orthopedics for more than ten years. Professor Zhu is good at the treatment of periarticular fracture, arthroplasty and reconstruction of ligament. Dr. Zhu’s research focuses on the bone tumor, nerve injury and regeneration.