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Strategies and potential therapeutic agents to counter skeletal muscle atrophy

	author = {Ziwei Huang and Jianwei Zhu and Wenjing Ma and Hualin Sun},
	title = {Strategies and potential therapeutic agents to counter skeletal muscle atrophy},
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	year = {2018},
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	abstract = {Skeletal muscle atrophy is common in various clinical problems. It increases the risk of complications as well as puts a huge economic burden on patients. Numerous diseases or pathologies are able to render the loss of muscle mass, such as diabetes, sepsis, burn injury, carcinoma. Long-time cast immobilization caused by bone fracture may induce bedsore and even severe infectious. Indeed, muscle atrophy can occur as either the result of unloading or directly by some particular disease. Unfortunately, to date there are no effective therapies available for completely recovering the attenuated muscle force. Emerging evidence implicates that molecular mechanism related to proteolysis and protein synthesis may genuinely take control of muscle mass. Therefore, investigate these molecular pathways may be helpful to develop a novel strategy for muscle mass loss intervention. The purpose of the present review is to concentrate on potential therapeutic strategies and mechanisms involved in muscle atrophy.},
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