Article Abstract

Quaking as a novel target of miR-200b to regulate tumor cell cycle progression mediated angiogenesis and metastasis

Authors: Tina H. Nguyen, Suresh K. Alahari


Tumor growth is mediated by several factors including metabolic function, intracellular signaling, evasion of apoptosis, tissue invasion and metastasis, and angiogenesis. Of these factors, angiogenesis is a crucial component due to its part in both delivering nutrients and providing a conduit for metastasis. Current anti-angiogenic therapies focus on tumor-derived VEGF signaling; however, these efforts are modest and prone to resistance by upregulation of other pro-angiogenic signaling (1,2). Due to incomplete knowledge of endothelial cell (EC) biology, other methods of impeding tumor angiogenesis are not available.